Why it's okay your first draft is bad – and how to fix it

The head of 4creative, Alice Tonge, shares her advice.

No matter what stage you’re at in your creative career, whether you're a beginner or an art director, there will be times when you’re working on a new project and campaign where you feel like, if you’ll pardon the word, shit. 

In fact, there’s a cycle to the feeling. First, you feel awesome. You’ve come up with an idea that you’re sure is the best thing ever, one that’s certain to pick up lots of shiny and coveted D&AD pencils. Then the doubt creeps in, you realise that actually your killer idea for a new ad is in fact incredibly tricky to pull off. This doubt then sends you into a spiral where you realise that not only is your idea shit, but you are shit, too. [Disclaimer: none of you are shit.]

 Sound familiar? If so, don’t panic. Everyone has doubts in their work at some time or another. In fact, this feeling of doubt is a good thing. “Embrace it!” says Alice Tonge, the first female creative head of 4creative, during her talk at D&AD Festival 2019. “It means you’re trying to come up with something original.”


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