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These 3D portraits are unbelievably realistic

These artists of 3D portraits have reached new levels of photorealism.

3D portraits are difficult to create but astonishing when done right. Getting the hang of designing in 3D is especially tricky when you're trying to mimic objects from the real world, and one of the hardest things to recreate in 3D is a human. Your audience spends so much time looking at people that mistakes will be spotted quickly. That is what makes the following pieces of art so impressive. 

We've found some of the most jaw-dropping 3D portraits and collated them here for you. The artists that created these amazingly realistic portraits describe the techniques they used in the portraits that took months to complete.

Scroll down to take a look at some of the most amazingly realistic 3D portraits we've ever seen. We'll hear from the artists that created them as they describe the techniques they used in their projects that took months to complete.

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