Nokia fits five cameras into one phone as rival offers two screens for Gamers.

Folding phones and devices with multiple cameras crammed inside have been unveiled at the worlds biggest mobile trade show.
Nokia and LG were among the tech giants showing off striking new models at Mobile World Congress.
Nokia, now manufactured under license by HMD Global, revealed a limited edition model with five cameras capable of capturing up to 240 mega-pixels of data at multiple exposures.  The company says the five lenses, three capturing monochrome and two gathering colour data, allow more detail for hugh dynamic range and depth of field.  The phone is due to cost about £520 when it goes on sale next month.
LG unveiled the 5G ready V50 ThinQ, onto which users can snap a second screen in the style of Eighties Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds.  The second display comes as a detachable accessory that clips to the main 6.2 inch screen.  Its suggested uses include a touchpad for video games.  The screens can fold together to act as a protective casse. Neat.