How to run a design business with just an iPad

Do you really need a studio, computers and all the trimmings?

The design industry has changed a lot since computers came along to make life easier for everyone. Back in the day a studio was a necessity; you needed a physical space in which to draw, create and bounce ideas off colleagues. But nowadays the computer fulfils all of these needs, and it's entirely possible to work remotely with just a desktop or laptop machine.

Do you even need a traditional computer, though? Could you run a design business using just an iPad? It would definitely be possible with a Microsoft Surface Pro, as that's a full Windows 10 machine that'll run all the creative apps you need – albeit with less power than you'd get from a full fat desktop. An iPad as the hub of your creative business is a bit more of a challenging prospect, but depending on the nature of your work it's definitely doable. Here's what you'll need.

yep...there's more - what, specifically, you need