7 signs of burnout

How to spot the early signs of burnout and what to do to avoid reaching crisis point.

Hands up if you are guilty of working too hard. We all know that a lack of work-life balance can make you tired. But what if your tiredness becomes something more? 

Burnout occurs when normal levels of tiredness cross over into something more serious. You've been running on adrenaline, worried about stopping in case everything comes crashing down around you. Your lack of energy means mornings spent prising your eyes open and taking freezing cold showers to wake yourself up. Your creativity has been sucked dry, design thinking has gone out of the window. You feel the stress building but you've been pushing it down.

As it's Mental Health Awareness week, we are taking advice from Dr Amy Immsand shining the spotlight on self-care by learning to spot the signs of burnout before they take hold. Dr Imms has created an infographic explaining the seven signs of burnout to help you to recognise when extreme levels of exhaustion become the more serious medical condition, burnout.


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