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It won’t surprise everyone working in the Creative Industry that they are working in one of the most innovative and successful industries in the UK, no, in fact in the world.


It needs to be innovative, creative and continuously evolving and there are numerous examples to back this up, but a reliable source is the Creative Industries Federation which as recently as July 2018 stated that the DCMS Sectors, ( Digital, Culture, Media & Sport ) contribute around £250 billion per annum with and more specifically the creative industries representing around £92 billion of this. 


The pace of job growth in this sector is nothing short of phenomenal, the fastest of any sector bar none and precisely the kind of roles that are posted here on lovedesignjobs.com. In 2017 employment in the creative industries reached two million, the highest it has ever been even in the face of BREXIT, an incredible pace of growth. Since 2011 employment in the creative industries has expanded by 28.6%, triple the rate of the UK economy as a whole. There is equally positive news in other parts of the world as well according to the World Economic Forum with the Creative industries employing more people than the automotive industry in the United States, Europe and Japan combined.


The good news, as well, is that increasingly you will find employers looking to fill roles around the globe – there has never been higher demand for creative and design skills spanning many different vertical businesses such as gaming, film, AR/VR, e-commerce, web and manufacturing to name just a few. And, increasingly, according to the Creative Industries Federation, employers are flexible on how they secure the right person for the job, part time, freelance and full time.


To meet this demand, Lovedesignjobs.com, working together with Creativebloq, the renowned global resource for designers and creatives, utilises the latest filtering and search technology to provide an excellent resource for finding and posting a role.